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Matson Integrated Logistics - integrated e-logistics solution top

Henry designed Quote and Order modules, two core parts of newly developed Matson Logistics application. He led joint design sessions between business analysts, business users, and developers; helped business analysts to define the product; was a part of the architecture team to architect data model and core business components. Given a team of developers helped Designed and led development of sub-modules for Quote and Order.

Wells Fargo on-line banking top

Worked on several projects ranging from improvements to the customer facing Wells Fargo Online Banking application to infrastructure improvements. Designed, developed, and supported a suite of re-usable enterprise application components for Wells Fargo Banking application. Components included Configuration Manager, which enabled reloading configuration files/ settings during runtime, and WIB Watch – a lightweight framework for Wells Fargo Internet Banking application performance measuring, monitoring and alerts that was used to in production by the performance group. Lead developer for the project migrating from software load balancer to a better performing hardware-software solution. Marjory improved unit testing suite, taking it from a point where it was un-usable to being used in nightly (and cruise control) builds.

GT Nexus E-logistics management and monitoring application top

Designed, developed and supported a suite of enterprise applications that enable enterprises and third party logistics providers to optimize and manage the flow of goods and information from order point to final delivery, anywhere around the globe. This suite of applications models and monitors optimal supply chain performance by identifying exceptions before or as they occur, establishing accountability and prescribing corrective action, proactively managing exception events to closure, and measuring overall performance. Worked with Products team in defining and scoping the requirements, and subsequently designed, developed and deployed the product. Designed and implemented XML interface for inbound milestones integration. Supply Chain Management solution, is based on J2EE technology: database back end is accessed by stateless session beans, which reside in Weblogic. These session beans interact with JSP pages via request processing beans. In addition to the Orders development, researched RFID technologies for integration in Orders product. Worked as group manager on several occasions.

@The Moment portal framework top

Sole team member that contributed towards designing, prototyping, implementing and documenting a light-weight portal framework. This framework was designed based on JSP model 2 architecture. It consisted of several major parts: a dispatcher, a layout manager, a user manager, a module manager, and an internationalization resource manager. Created several reference modules for the framework. Supervised the development of other modules. Made presentations introducing the framework to engineering team and marketing teams. In addition to the framework, designed, implemented, documented, tested and supported several java packages that were used company wide, such as logging package, property reader package. Reported directly to chief architect, VP of Engineering and CTO.

Epicentric portal modules top

Designed and implemented several modules for the Epicentric Portal Server. Modules followed the full life cycle of development, including analysis, architecture, coding, and maintenance. Typical module was designed using Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern: where front-end was implemented using Java Server Pages (JSP) technology and the back-end was be written in Java. XML was used for data manipulation. Designed, implemented and documented the framework for upgrading modules.

Sybase Central framework for Adaptive Server Enterprise top

Evaluated and documented the sharable design between the existing administration tools (Adaptive Server Anywhere) and ASE. Prepared the directory/package/file infrastructure for ASE Java Plug-in build environment. Was one of the lead developers the ASE Java Plug-in. Created, build and test environment for the periodic (nightly) builds and tests of the plug-in. Created tests with Java Star GUI testing environment. Worked on globalization of the ASE plug-in and localized it to US English.

SGI compiler optimization top

Developed and maintained parts of the intermediate code verifier, web page reporting system, and smart-diff project. Used SGI C++ compiler (mongoose) and perl 5.

DistriVision Catalog and Order system top

Developed front end applications in Visual Basic 3.0 and Microsoft Access. Responsibilities included supervision of the programming projects, team work, development of utilities, technical support. Extensive GUI development under Windows 3.1/Windows 95. Was involved in full product cycle: specified, designed, implemented, released, maintained and upgraded catalog systems for Wilco, Alps, Texscan, and Wilkerson. Designed and implemented components that were reused in other catalogs: product configurator and picture search.

Catalog search post-processing research top

Invented, designed, implemented and tested new clustering algorithm that specifically suited for search post-processing in the item-based catalogs.

Source Forge projects top

Created, developed and supported configuration manager and class path explorer source forge projects. Configuration manager supports several configuration file formats, as well as provides a nice management interface to manage these configurations. Classpath Explorer is an Ant Task that allows you to find duplicate resources (classes) within the libraries you are using. It also provides a set of APIs to help you find archives, and archive locations for the classes you are using.

Other small, fun projects top

iBartNow, live BART schedule For Blackberry Phones

Tip Calculator For Blackberry Phones

J2EE Design Patterns Review for Blackberry (direct download of program for OS 5 and 6 Blackberry phones (2004-2010 ish)

15 Puzzle for Blackberry - a nice puzzle game(direct download of program for OS 5 and 6 Blackberry phones (2004-2010 ish)

My Financial Options exam review for BlackBerry (direct download of program for OS 5 and 6 Blackberry phones (2004-2010 ish)

Piatnaska Puzzle written in Java (direct download of the game for desktop environment)

Preparation Notes for Java Architect part I (CX-310-052)

Free contraction counter

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